Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Impressions...

Well, let me start off by telling you that my very first post is coming from my Blackberry, because that's how I roll. (Actually, my husband, Jim, has laid a poker smack down on the desktop, but you know...) So anyway, I guess I should say something about myself to start off, being my very first post and all. I gotta tell you, I really have no idea what I'm doing...but with any luck, we'll figure this all out together.
I don't really know much about blogs. I've seen "Julie and Julia," and I subscribe to "Joy the Baker" (I'll be sure to post the link later...when I get my computer back, lol), but I've toyed with the idea for a while. I read as much as I can (I have an insatiable love for romance novels - mostly western and historical - but I kinda have a thing for vampires, too). Yes, I said vampires...enter shameless Twilight plug here, and a shout-out to all my fellow Twi-Hards. I love to cook, frequently trying new recipes (both things I throw together, and ones internet-found). This is where I tell my family (my wonderful, loving husband, Jim...and our two boys, lil Jim, 9, and Adam, almost 4) how much I appreciate them being my guinea pigs, buts let's be honest...what choice do they really have, lol. Oh, and I've been known to be pretty crafty from time to I may have some posts about that thrown in there, too.
You'd be surprised at how difficult this is to do from a phone, with a teeny tiny screen and itty bitty letters, lol. So if there are grammatical errors or spelling blunders...I apologize now.
In closing, I guess I'll leave you with this...
I'm just a mom, trying to be SuperMom. I make mistakes. I lose it from time to time. But at the end of the day, regardless of what has gone right, and wrong...I love my family. And I hope in taking this journey with me, you will, too.

Talk to you soon,

(*Here is the Joy the Baker link I mentioned. It apparently looks like the best time of day for me to stealie the computer is the butt crack of dawn, when half the house is still asleep, lol. Anyway....enjoy.)


  1. Go momma! Looking forward to more!
    Peace, love, and chocolate... not necessarily in that order...

  2. I may have to stealie that line, too. I need a closing quote, lol.

  3. Stealie away :P I think I might've stolen it from someone else anyway :)